Athan 4.5

Automatically plays Athan at the right times of the day
Starts playing Athan at the right times every day. Includes both the Gregorian and the Hijri calendars, keeps track of the special Islamic days and automatically adjusts the minutes to so that the prayer times are 100% in accordance with the Masjid.

Athan is a software with a religious approach. Following the beliefs or doctrines of Islam, and Muslim the author brings us a tool for all the prayers, in other words is an accountant assistance, a timer and agenda in order to keep a schedule for the prays. It has multiple functions and audio guides to not loose the track of the prayers.

Between the multiple features offered we can mention the multiple language support, configuration and time zone location, which allow a perfect synchrony and calculation in timetables. It has multiple links that guide us to the author’s website providing info as readings of the day (Quran/Koran) and download options.

The program comes in two versions: the basic that provide options very complete and the Pro that offers more options such as support for other languages of follower regions of this doctrine, written and audible prayers add, alerts and updates.

In case you want to keep track of your prayers depending of the occasion, we can say that Athan is the best thing that has been done in religious approaches software.

Jose Ruiloba
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  • Basic version is freeware
  • User friendly


  • If you don’t have internet access couldn’t verify important info on the website
  • Pro version is Shareware
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